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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  February 10, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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their annual convention a rallying against a new white house policy on birth control. >> one thing's for certain -- this attack on religious freedom cannot and will not stand. >> reporter: under the president's health care reform law, church affiliated schools, hospitals and charities that provide insurance to their employees must cover the cost of contraceptives. gop leaders call that a violation of first amendment rights and will try to repeal it. >> this is about president obama having control over every aspect of your life especially for women. from conception to death. >> reporter: top white house officials appear to be looking for a way out of the controversy. they say the president is exploring how to ease the concerns of religious groups. he's getting support from his fellow democrats on capitol hill. >> we commend the president's decision and we'll fight hard to make sure that the women of america and the 21st century
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can get the insurance coverage they need for family planning and birth control. >> reporter: but the election year showdown could cause problems for the president. the republican candidates on the campaign trail are pointing to the birth control requirement as they work to win the support of conservative voters. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. >> there are some democratic lawmakers who are not supporting the president's decision. west virginia senator joe manch, a democrat is joining forces with republican marco rubio to stop it. here's who's on the list. colorado, florida, georgia, indiana, kentucky, massachusetts, minnesota, john mccain john mccain, oklahoma and tennessee, consider new jersey, oklahoma and tennessee, the waivers are going to let the states set their own standards for students and school accountability. all of commands doctor,
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virginia is mourn -- alexandria, virginia is mourning the loss of paramedic joshua weissman. the paramedic is alexandria's first death in the line of duty in more than 100 years. the city's fire chief says weissman was known for going to extra mile -- the extra mile even when off the job. >> joshua visited her home after responding to an accident in her home. josh reassured the mother her son had been thoroughly checked out after being involved in the home accident when the boy's grandmother fell ill while holding the by. that was the kind of person -- boy. that was the kind of person josh was. committed. professional, dedication to the end. >> weissman was among the first responders handling a car fire last night on i-395 in arlington. he landed in four mile creek and hit his head on a rock.
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the uva lacrosse murder trial continues in court today. george huguely is accused of killing yeardley love in may of 2010 by slamming her head against the wall. his lawyers say love died in part by taking prescription medication adderol and alcohol. they say they argue the bruising on her body was also caused by medics. a teacher from montgomery county is in jail accused of having sex with a student. police say 27-year-old ashley campbell had a physical relationship with a 16-year-old student at montrose christian academy. investigators say that relationship started in 2010. they believe the pair had sex numerous times in her car at a local park. the school learned of the relationship after getting an anonymous e-mail last friday. campbell taught kindergarten al the school. a bill which allows private adoption agencies to discriminate is about to become law in the commonwealth.
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the virginia state senate passed legislation allowing private adoption agencies to deny placing children in homes which conflict with their religious or moral beliefs including opposition to homosexuality. the house of delegates already passed the bill and governor bob mcdonnell will sign it into law. it is 4:34. here's a look at the other things this morning. for the first time since the 1979 three mile island accident, the nuclear regulatory commission has approved a license for a new nuclear plant. the nrc approved a request for two reactors near augusta, georgia. the vote clears the way for officials to issue an operating license for those reactors and they could begin operating as soon as 2016 and 2017. syria's violent crackdown on anti-government protestors continues to escalate. forces loyal to the president al-assad have surrounded the city, the center of the 11 month uprising, for nearly a week the army has been trying to crush pockets of violent
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resistance there. groups say more than 60 people were killed on thursday alone. our time coming up on 4:35. at 4:40. a $25 billion settlement which will help homeowners who are in trouble reduce their debt. jessica will break down the mortgage deal in your -- money. new hope for a possible cure. a new drug for cancer may also help alzheimer's patients. we're back with your weather first in two minutes. you are watching 9news now.
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4:37 on this friday morning. and we are looking at some sunshine to start the day but increasing clouds. we're going to have some snow showers and rain showers tonight after dark.
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but today, highs will apreach 50 and we drive home with the clouds. more on wintery weather returning to the region in about five minutes. right now monika samtani with your timesaver traffic. thank you so much howard, good morning everybody, we're going to take a look at the beltway. inner loop route 7. it's the three right lanes with construction and on the outer loop the three right lanes at braddock road that should be clearing shortly. coming up in my next report, a look into maryland. 4:38. time for the first your money segment of the morning. >> and jessica doyle is going to break down the big mortgage deal that was announced by the banking industry yesterday. >> knowing it's going to happen eventually and it did. it's $25 billion deal with the nation's five largest banks to help those who lost their homes to foreclosure through deceptive banking practices. the deal was 49 states and the district will also help homeowners who owe more on their mortgages than their homes are worth. homeowners who lost their homes could get checks worth $2,000. the banks will also be required to reduce the principle owed on
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loans for about one million homeowners. but the majority of the mortgages are owned rather by fannie mae and freddie mac and they are not covered by this deal. it's probably going to take months before homeowners can learn if they're even eligible for help in the next two months government officials will choose an administrator then take another six to nine months to notify homeowners. the washington region is raking in about $1.5 billion in the deal and that's because maryland is facing the worst foreclosure problem in the region. so it's getting almost $1 billion in aid. this is the sixth largest cash injection nationwide going to maryland. virginia will receive about $480 million and the district is expected to get roughly $45 million. the house has passed its version of the stock act and it bans lawmakers from insider trading. the measure was approved thursday with just two no votes. it must be reconcile with the the senate version now. and wall street, two deals.
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the mortgage deal and another bailout deal announced for greece neither of which produced much of a rally. checking the numbers -- we could not stop talking about the mortgage deal this morning. have you read fig and i was scouring the internet -- anything and i was scouring the internet that fannie and freddie will be included in this? >> this is a different deal. that's a whole nother negotiation that would have to happen for -- you know, if you think that -- you know, fannie mae owns the majority of these deals only one million people are getting some assistance. they would have to have bailout package four times the size of the one announced yesterday and that took four deals to negotiate. >> but $2,000 that some people may get. what are you supposed to do with that if you don't have
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your home? >> right. exactly. this is my response to that. >> the bold swift decisive gargantuan action that was taking place to save the banks happened arguably a lot faster than this minor little -- >> i mean, we saw how layman brother -- leeman brothers blew up overnight. >> the banks were supposed to work out a deal based on getting the bailout for the homeowners and they couldn't make them do it. >> exactly right. >> 10% of the homeowners are getting help here compared to all of the banks. thanks jess. obesity in the military? the first lady and the pentagon unveil a new policy to combat that growing problem. >> more honda story plus -- on that story plus your weather first in two minutes. we'll be back. ♪
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good morning, welcome back to 9news now. 4:44 on this friday morning. it's a big weekend this weekend. washington mardi gras is happening, lots of louisiana is in town -- >> i hope they brought their long coats. >> and they're excited about those -- ability to wear a long coat. we don't get to use that a lot. >> no, it's going to be one of the colder weekends although folks from louisiana and everyone else. one of the colder weekends we've seen this winter. temperatures tomorrow will still be in the 30s and 40s but when the winds kick it's going to be cold and tomorrow night teens and low 20s. on sunday we'll be lucky to get above freezing in many areas. >> it is winter. >> it is february, it happens here. let's talk about today though. we start with the bus stop friskas and we've got temperatures this morning -- forecast and we've got temperatures this morning, some
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spots in the 20s, otherwise in the mid- and upper 30s in many areas and sunshine and a chill in the air. sunrise 7:07. clouds increasing bepy the afternoon, we bush and by the afternoon we -- and by the afternoon we become overcast. around 50 for a high and winds southeast, south-southwest 5, 8 miles an hour and not that breezy today. by 8:00 p.m., some rain showers, starting to get a little bit of a northerly push. that's some colder air and an arctic boundary which will be coming in tomorrow with rain and snow showers and then more snow showers. mild today 50ish on the weather headlines, north and west of town the areas that got the snow the other day? you may pick up a dusting to an inch overnight to tomorrow morning. windy and much colder saturday and sunday with more snow showers possible form and tomorrow night. southern maryland though, you have a better chance you will see some rain showers from this system. i'll break it down for you. first things first, temps this morning gaithersburg 30. hagerstown 29 and winchester
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down 25 while it's 38 in pax river naval air station. and in washington, looking at our michael & son weather camera, clear skies and good visibility. 37 degrees. a couple of high clouds out there. feeling like 30 though with that windchill thanks to that north northwesterly wind at 9 and the dew point's in the low 20s. the air dry at 52% humidity. national temperatures show the arctic air just starting to get into minnesota and north dakota. bismarck down to 3. you can see the whites and pinks like that? that's getting below zero minus 10. some locally minus 20-degree temperatures in canada. that is dropping south and moisture is coming in across texas, the gulf coast. little bit of snow on the backside arkoses oklahoma earlier. this is going to develop into a decent storm system just to the east offshore. it may clip parts of new england as we go into saturday. but for us we're going to be watching this high pressure slipping away. the cold front heads this way. tonight, 6:00 p.m. we're okay but as we get into the nighttime hours, stopping the clock at midnight.
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snow north and west of town. rain along the 95 corridor. here comes the coastal with that rain. maybe some lingering snow showers across the metro and points north and then during the day, another piece of energy with the northwest flow and the colder air. the more rain and snow showers and we may pick up another inch of snow. by the way the mountains, 6, 9, 12 inches of snow places like snow shoe and whisk. 50 today and rain and snow showers tonight. snow showers tomorrow. a high of 40 but i think temperatures will be dropping in the afternoon. teens and 20s by sunday morning. sunday 32 and windy. and by monday, well, we're back to the 40s, could be a few passing snow showers tuesday's highs around 41. it is 4:47. now monika samtani stepping in now and she's been updating the traffic maps. that's rite, around town early this morning just putting on the coats i think you will be absolutely fine coming down from frederick. i-70, 270. all of this looks fine. you may find a tiny bit of slow
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traffic in urbanna but really no big deals to report south on 270 or route 355 as well. a live look on the west side of town at the legion bridge and lanes are open. no delays as you can see between tyson's and bethesda and i think all the construction is pretty much picked up near the dulles toll road and braddock road as well. down south to virginia, on the northbound side of i-95 and quick look live near triangle and joplin road. looking good here heading northbound to the occoquan river. further north as well on to 395 at do you think street. nice and -- duke street. nice and light to the 14th street bridge and down to the downtown area. mike? thank you monika. skin cancer, a drug may be able to treat alzheimer's disease. listen to this. scientists tested a drug called bexerotine on mice and it can reverse the disease inproving memory and brain function.
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>> the study published in the journal of science find the drug removes mag buildup in the -- plaque buildup in the brain. six hours after they received the drug, eventually dropped by 75% in the brain. scientists at case western university say they'll begin clinical trials on people very soon. alzheimer's patients can their families have been -- and their families have been excited before and ultimately been disappointed. >> many studies, the drugs tested still don't transfer into people but gary nuremberg found a couple who say hope is essential. >> reporter: sometimes you don't need music when you you've been married for 43 years. you can make your own. bob blackwell was a cia analyst and manager for 30 years. that's him with the first president bush who wrote at bob's retirement, bob blackwell is one of the brightest men i've ever worked with. he has his sense of humor but
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words can be tough to find. >> if something is just there, it's in there and i can try to get it. but it's hard to get. >> reporter: bob knows his 97- year-old mother has alzheimer's. >> it's tough. >> reporter: but when asked he has symptoms? >> not that i know of. maybe there's something out there but i haven't run into anything or -- or somebody said hit the -- or what -- anyway. >> reporter: bob and carol write a blog about alzheimer's for "usa today." >> people really can't understand unless they're living with it. it is very difficult. it's a horrible disease. just horrible. relentless. it doesn't stop and it's very hard. you never really adjust to it. uh-uh think you've adjusted to one state, then things change and you have to readjust again. so it's never ophiura mind. you're never free. >> reporter: that surprise finding this week on the new
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drug that might reverse the disease? >> we've heard it again and again. a lot of trials have failed so i will give anything for a cure but i want to see and see what it really does. >> reporter: skepticism but tempered skepticism. >> i think people have to live in hope. you cannot give up. even though things are discouraging, trials fail. there's one out there that will be the cure. there is one out there. so i think we can't give up. but they sure got to find a cure and hopefully before 2025 or next year would be nice. >> tomorrow would be good. >> reporter: can't you just hear that music? gary nuremberg, 9news now. >> let's hope it's soon. belgian researchers found women who undergo chemotherapy during pregnant have healthy babies. it looked at women who were diagnosed with cancer while they were pregnant. doctors followed the children up to 18 years of age and found
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they developed just like any other child. the number of total knee replacement surgeries has doubled over the past decade. according to a government funded study, more than four million americans are now living with a new knee. researchers expect those numbers to skyrocket as baby boomers reach their 70s and 80s. first lady michelle obama and pentagon brass have announced a new effort to improve nutrition at military bases. mess halls will start dishing out healthier entrees and the pentagon spends more than $1 billion a year on medical care related to obesity and excess weight. >> wow. that's a big number. okay, time to look at the question of the morning now -- >> log on to wusa9's facebook fan page and leave your
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response. we will have the answer in our 6:00 hour. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. 4:55 on this friday morning. jackets this morning. it's kinds of chilly out there. we've got some 20s and 30s and some sunshine this morning but clouds will increase. mid 40s at noon and we're going to be near 50 but we have a front on the way and a much colder weekend even snow showers in the forecast. stay tuned for more on that. right now over to monika with timesaver traffic. a look at route 50 to john hanson roadway. remember what this looked like yesterday east of the beltway? today you are incident-free from annapolis to cheverly. coming up in my next report, into virginia at 5:01. mike back to you. sounds good monika thanks. the u.s. postal service has issued a new stamp to raise awareness for heart disease. the surgeon general along with the postmaster general unveiled the new 2012 heart healthy forever stamp. it happened thursday. the stamp focuses on the importance of wellness and vitality that come from physical exercise. get up they're saying, coronary heart disease is the leading
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cause of death among men and women in the united states. dozens of wounded warriors will be competing on the army's warrior games track and field team. they'll gather today at fort belvoir for a qualifying round and 50 athletes will be chosen to represent the army in the 2012 week long army games in colorado springs. athletes from the army, navy, special operations will compete for a goal in archery, cycling, wheelchair basketball, shooting, swimming, track and field, and sitting volleyball. sir paul mccartney gets a star on the walk of fame while his ex-wife speaks out about the hacking scandal. >> bigad shaban has those stories and more. >> reporter: former beatle paul mccartney finally has a star on the hollywood walk of fame. [ cheering and applause ] mccartney is the last beatle to earn the honor and he was actually granted a stare nearly 20 years ago but just getting
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around to officially receiving it. >> i want to say thanks to those guys, john, george and rigno. >> reporter: his star alongside those of his old band mates. he has ex-wife -- his ex- wife, heather mills testified in the ongoing media inquiry in britain. she said the only way piers morgan could have heard her phone calls was through a private hacking. >> did you authorize mr. morgan? >> never ever. >> reporter: he listened to a message but won't say how he got it. he denies ordering any phone hacking. actress naomi watts is set to play the late princess diana. it will be called "caught in flight" and focus on the last years of her life. filming begins later this year. rehearsals for the grammy's are underway in the staples center in los angeles. cbs cameras were there as the
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beach boys recreanted for the first time in more than two decades with band mate brian wilson. he'll perform with foster the people and adam levine. they air this sunday on cbs. that's your eye on entertainment. bigad shaban, cbs news, los angeles. >> be there. sunday. cbs. thank you for being here -- thank you for being here and watching us on 9news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm going to keep talking. i'm andrea roane. >> the teacher -- i'll wait. i'll wait and i'm mike hydeck. thank you for joining us, happy friday. here's monika samtani, traffic time momentarily. mr. howard bernstein another big adele fan has the weather first. >> it's going to be a very cold weekend around here. today not bad. some sunshine this morning but the winds are going to kick and an arctic front is coming is sunday is going to be one of those days. you got a sweater you haven't been able to wear? that new warm coat? sunday's your day. let's get you going though


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